About Us

We at Alízz of Spanish origin carefully listen to the needs and desires of our customers to provide them with the best products of the highest quality. Our products are manufactured in the best Chinese factories and are sold at reasonable prices so that all our customers can have a wonderful experience of shopping and after-sales service.

Alízz products in the kitchen world are made and intended to help our customers, especially the housewives, who miss a lot of time in their day due to the traditional cooking methods. We strive to help them have an easy and quick cooking experience.

On the other hand, Alízz coffee machines are manufactured and designed to accommodate houses, cafes and companies, to get a better cup of coffee in an automatic and fast way.

Our vision for the future

Alízz strive to make your life better by providing what makes your life easier, and are present at all times of your day through our appliances in the world of cooking and creative coffee machines, while providing safety and high quality as well as saving time and money.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide everything our customers deserve and desire. We always look forward to fulfilling all their needs and desires through new innovations and ideas that make a difference in their daily lives.

Alízz Products

Kitchen world


Air fryer

You can bake, grill, fry and roast all meals with less fat without oil for the whole family.

Glass air fryer

Thanks to the halogen and fast air feature, you will get all your meals quickly with less fat.

Electric fryer

A multi-function fryer that fries all meals easily and safely with adjustable temperatures and timer for delicious and tasty meals.

Double electric fryer

Thanks to the 3 baskets that come with the fryer, you can easily fry all kinds of delicious meals in large amounts for family events and parties.

Electric ovens

Multipurpose oven 3 in 1

Integrated oven to make a whole meal from bread to grill to make coffee in minutes to enjoy your meal at any time you like.

Exceptional kitchen appliances

Multipurpose food chopper

Thanks to the 4 blades you will get all the ingredients for your food, including vegetables, nuts and meat, in a way that is chopped and cut smoothly.

Coffee machines

Home Turkish coffee machine

Thanks to the smart heat sensor feature, you will get 4 cups of perfectly foamy coffee without burning.

The professional Turkish coffee machine

With the double-style coffee maker, you can pour coffee in both the left and right directions.

Double Turkish coffee machine

Thanks to the adjustable temperature feature at which you set the machine and the two coffee cups, you will get 8 cups of coffee with exceptional foam within minutes.

Versatile machines

Electric coffee pot

Designed with a perfect grip to hold it without burning, and provides amazing 4 to 6 cups of coffee at once.

Electric kettle

Made of stainless steel, it is anti-combustion and anti-rust and can boil up to 8 cups of water.

Our management

Research and Development Department

Our team searches for the latest technologies and updates to provide unique products and develop our current products to suit the latest updates in the field of kitchen appliances in addition to analyzing the opinions and evaluation of our customers to develop our products to what suits them.

Quality Management

Our quality control team ensures that every product meets the international quality standards.

Manufacturing and Transportation Department

We strive to create and provide the best products with the highest quality to suit the needs and expectations of our customers, products are carefully delivered to all governorates of Egypt.

Marketing Management

The marketing team seeks to satisfy all of our customers by informing them about our products and delivering constant knowledge of the latest technologies in cooperation with other departments and based on customers’ feedback and market requirements.

Customer Service Department

The customer service team is available throughout the week to assist our customers, respond to their inquiries, and listen to their suggestions and feedback about our products. We also have a specialized team to deal with the highest levels of professionalism for pre- and after-sales service to make sure our customers are fully satisfied and happy.

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