Alízz air fryer, black, touch

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Alízz air fryer is the best choice to help you make your meals more healthy and safe compared to other fryers as this fascinating fryer has many functions and different features. Air fryer Alízz is not only one of the best healthy air fryers, but it is also designed to suit the elderly and the young, so you can have meals without worrying about your heart health and without feeling guilty about spoiling your diet, designed for the whole family with fewer oils and a recipe book to help you cook plenty of delicious meals.
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Product Description

This air fryer has four different functions: bake, grill, roast, and fry, you can adjust the temperature and time according to the type of meal you will cook, giving you more options to enjoy a healthy and crunchy meal.

This fryer is considered a lot more healthy than other fryers as Alízz fryers operate without oil or with a small amount of oil with the fast air feature to ensure you a crunchy meal with a lower fat percentage of up to 85% to suit all family members, old and young, without harming their health.

It can cook many delicious meals such as potatoes, chicken, and onion rings fried crunchy and without oil, it can grill meat and prepare sauteed vegetables, small pizzas, meatballs, and fried pies.

It operates with adjustable temperatures, timers, and 7 smart quick-setting buttons so that you get your meals easily by just putting the food inside and pressing the Start button, it cooks potatoes and crispy fried chicken in 20 minutes, delicious shrimp and fish in 15 minutes, and delicious steaks in 10 minutes.

Cook effectively

This air fryer cooks food in the same regular way, without the downside of a dirty kitchen and oven. Also cooks more healthily and quickly.

Alízz air fryer, black, touch

Safe handle

The handle is made of cool materials so that you can hold it easily without damaging or burning your hand.

Alízz air fryer, black, touch

Non-stick basket

The cooking basket is made of non-stick materials for easy cleaning and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Alízz air fryer, black, touch

Air purifier

It has an air filter to absorb odor and smoke and to allow fresh air to flow in the kitchen as normal.

Alízz air fryer, black, touch

7 quick smart buttons

It works with a timer and adjustable temperatures to suit the type of food you are cooking, with 7 smart cooking buttons.

Alízz air fryer, black, touch

Enough capacity for a whole family meal

The capacity of the frying basket is 5 Liters, so you can easily and quickly cook family-friendly meals.

Alízz air fryer, black, touch

Easy to clean

The cooking basket is made of non-stick materials. You can press the safety button to disassemble it for easy cleaning, and you can also put it in the dishwasher without worry.

Alízz air fryer, black, touch


Item Description
Type Pneumatic ( Air fryer)
Control Digital
Capacity 5 Liters
Temperatures Up to 200 ° C
Power 1500 Watts
Timer Up to 30 minutes
Power Engine 220 - 240 volts
Air purification Included


All you need to do is place the food you want to cook, set the temperature that suits the type of food, press the Start button, and once the set time is up, you can have a delicious meal easily.

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