Alízz double fryer oil, 2000 watts

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An electric fryer that fries more than one meal at the same time and in large quantities, in a fancy restaurant-style, enough for the whole family and helps you save time and effort. This amazing electric fryer is designed for the whole family, it can easily perform all the fried meals with the required crunch without any extra effort or causing the frying mess, made to ensure your safety while frying and with absolutely no smoke.
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Product Description

It consists of 3 baskets, one in large size and two in medium size, this fryer helps save energy, electricity, time, and effort, frying various delicious meals quickly and easily, suitable for parties and family gatherings.

You fry more than one meal at the same time in large quantities to suit the whole family, meals such as potatoes, chicken, crispy fried onion rings, fried pancakes, fish, and shrimp.

It operates with adjustable temperatures to ensure perfect deep frying, LED indicator, and sound alarm to let you know when the oil has reached the set temperature.

The fryer comes with clips in the basket to place safely on the fryer during drying to avoid dripping oil and unwanted messes in the kitchen, allowing the kitchen to always stay clean and tidy.

Easy to install and clean

The fryer comes separately. There are no small parts that make it very easy to install and add oil in, it’ll be ready to cook in a minute! Cleaning is quick and convenient because the oil pan and basket are dishwasher safe.

Alízz double fryer oil, 2000 watts

No frying smoke

It includes a replaceable carbon filter that absorbs smoke and reduces odors to maintain the kitchen’s fresh air and a healthy cooking environment.

Alízz double fryer oil, 2000 watts

Easy to carry and move around

It has side handles on both sides for easy portability when needed from one place to another without hassle.

Alízz double fryer oil, 2000 watts

Adjustable temperatures

The fryer operates with adjustable temperatures, a light indicator to know the right time to set the food, and a sound alarm to know the exact time the frying is done.

Alízz double fryer oil, 2000 watts

Fast frying and heating

The thermostat warms up quickly from 150 to 190 degrees Celsius.

Alízz double fryer oil, 2000 watts

Easily see your meals

The fryer cover has a window so you can easily see your meals cooking inside.

Alízz double fryer oil, 2000 watts

Large capacity for a family

The large 5-liter capacity is ideal for families, parties, events, and large gatherings.

Alízz double fryer oil, 2000 watts


Its bottom is made of non-slip materials to ensure easy and safe frying.

Alízz double fryer oil, 2000 watts

Frying plate with different levels

The plate has levels of a maximum and minimum amount of oil that must be applied so that you can fry easily and safely.

Alízz double fryer oil, 2000 watts


Item Description
Type Electric
Capacity 5 Liters
Power Engine 220 - 240 volts
Temperature 150 - 190 ° C
Power 2000 watts
Air purification Included


You have to add the amount of oil you want, adjust the temperature to suit the type of food you’re cooking, wait for the light indicator to know that the oil is ready to fry, you put in the food, and press the start button. Once the set time is up, the fryer will alert you and you can have a delicious meal easily.

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