Alízz Food Chopper, Silver, 800 Watt

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Alízz Food Chopper is an amazing design to cook your meals in a faster and safer way, compared to the traditional cutting and grinding methods, it efficiently chops vegetables, meats, and more. Alízz’s food chopper is not only one of the best chopping machines on the market, but also a versatile chopper that can chop all kinds of food easily, efficiently and safely in seconds and effortlessly with an awesome stylish design to match your kitchen.
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Product Description

The chopper has 4 stainless steel blades and two speed modes: slow speed for food like onions, garlic, baby herbs, paprika and most fruits and vegetables, and fast speed for foods like meat, chicken, nuts, carrots and grains.

Safe to use as it shuts off automatically once the ignition is no longer pressed, the knife is equipped with brake protection gear. The blade will immediately stop rotating to protect the chopper from overheating.

It can chop many food types such as: meat, carrots, garlic, onions, nuts, garlic, spinach, and nutritional supplements for children. It takes 8 seconds to mince 500 grams of meat, 6 seconds to mince 500 grams of garlic, and 6 seconds to mince 500 grams of vegetables.

The chopper bowl is made of stainless steel, when compared to glassware, this chopper is stronger, healthier and more resistant to shocks, ensuring durability. The joint connection between the blade and the chopper is made of stainless steel, unlike weak plastic.

4 double layer blades

Fast cutting and chopping at a 360 degrees to cover all angles with complete safety as it is composed of 4 sharp blades with a safety system for effective chopping and a complete stop when the chopper is stopped.

Alízz Food Chopper, Silver, 800 Watt

Powerful engine

Powered by a powerful 800W motor, the chopper quickly cuts, chops and purees various vegetables and meats.

Alízz Food Chopper, Silver, 800 Watt

Great capacity and durability

The chopping bowl comes with a large capacity of 3 liters to chop as much food as you want, made of stainless steel which is stronger, hygienic and more shock resistant than any other choppers.

Alízz Food Chopper, Silver, 800 Watt

Stylish and comfortable design

Nicely designed and the base is made of non-slip materials for easy placement in your kitchen without worries.

Alízz Food Chopper, Silver, 800 Watt

Easy to clean

The chopper bowl is scratch-resistant and anti-corrosion in addition to being small and portable, suitable for everyday use in the kitchen, easy to disassemble and clean. It can be easily cleaned with soap and water or in a dishwasher.

Alízz Food Chopper, Silver, 800 Watt

Complete safety

The chopper has non-slip rubber pads to maintain stability during chopping which effectively reduces the high-speed motor noise and creates a relaxing cooking environment.

Alízz Food Chopper, Silver, 800 Watt


Item Description
Type Electric chopper
Brand name Alízz
Capacity 3 liters
Blades 4 blades
Power 800 watts
Power engine 220 - 240 volts
Slip resistant Included


Remove the protection cover from the blades, then place the blades in their designated place in the bowl. Add the ingredients that you want to chop, then install the motor and press the start button corresponding to the type of ingredients you wish to chop.

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