Steam iron Alízz, Pink, 1500 watts

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An exceptional steam iron enables you to easily iron your clothes at home and travel without an ironing board with just a push of a button. Steam iron (for smooth and wrinkle-free clothes without any hassle) helps you look your best in a short time, available at all times and all places.
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Product Description

The iron performs in most types of garments including silk, cotton, nylon, wool, linen and polycarbonate quickly, you would be ready in 30 seconds!

The unique and powerful distribution of steam makes a huge difference in the clothes as it gets rid of wrinkles and curls to help you look fully elegant easily and quickly.

Easy to use and lightweight so that anyone can easily use it in any size. It combines small size with great potential so you can carry it with you everywhere.

It can iron all fabrics at home, including sofas, mattresses, pillows, and carpets, it can also get rid of wrinkles within minutes without any extra effort or the need for a dry-clean.

Large capacity water tank

The iron work is great with regular tap water, fill the removable tank with 80% water straight from the tap for easy use.

Steam iron Alízz, Pink, 1500 watts

Strong steam

Runs with continuous powerful steam for a long time up to 20 minutes, complete freedom of movement, durable base, and easy refilling.

Steam iron Alízz, Pink, 1500 watts

Additional accessories

The iron comes with an additional cloth brush so that you can iron your clothes and get rid of wrinkles in all types of fabrics such as curtains, sofas, and beds easily without effort.

Steam iron Alízz, Pink, 1500 watts

A push of a button

It works with one button and has a light indicator to see if it is connected to the electricity and working or not.

Steam iron Alízz, Pink, 1500 watts

Small and portable

Its compact size fits in suitcases without taking up much room to make you look good wherever you go.

Steam iron Alízz, Pink, 1500 watts

Ironing all angles

You can iron all vertical and horizontal angles without the need for a table, for quick and easy ironing.

Steam iron Alízz, Pink, 1500 watts


Item Description
Type Steam iron
Brand type Alízz
Power supply 220 - 240 volts
Capacity 260 liters
Power 1500 watts
Dimensions 13 * 9 * 27 cm
Weight 0.84 kg
Runs on Electricity
Color Pink


Take out the water tank and fill it with 200 ml of water, then install the iron brush and connect the iron to the electricity. The light indicator will work after 25 seconds, use the steam after the indicator turns off, hang your clothes, and iron it easily.

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