Turkish coffee machine Alízz, Red, 400 watts

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Alízz Turkish Coffee Machine is ideal for brewing coffee like an expert and preparing the excellent cup of Turkish coffee with the perfect foam. Our Turkish coffee machine is ideal for relaxing after a long working day and for starting your day nicely, it is also perfect for family meetings and interesting conversations to have a great time away from the crowded cafes with exceptional quality and foam.
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Product Description

The machine guarantees you the perfect cup of Turkish coffee without spilling or burning as it has an intelligent boiling temperature sensor, when the coffee is ready, the machine turns off and alerts you to serve and enjoy the coffee, with an elegant design that suits your taste in both black and red colors.

The Turkish coffee machine guarantees you the perfect cup of coffee with an ideal foam, and it is way better than cafés’ coffee as it brews the coffee at a suitable temperature to give an excellent texture and taste.

You can relax while preparing your Turkish coffee at the comfort of your home as the coffee machine can make up to 4 cups of coffee easily and quickly in just 3 minutes. You will not have to wait in the cafes anymore!

It works simply with just one push of a button to allow you to make the perfect cup of coffee every time. all you have to do is plug in the device, then add water, coffee, and sugar and your coffee will be ready in a matter of minutes.

Operates with the push of a button

You can make your perfect coffee with just one push of a button. It makes 8 cups of coffee in minutes at a time.

Turkish coffee machine Alízz, Red, 400 watts

Easy to pour

The coffee mugs are made in an innovative and efficient way to pour coffee on both sides for easy use with the right or left hand.

Turkish coffee machine Alízz, Red, 400 watts

Perfect foamy coffee

Make an excellent foam for all poured coffee cups and at an ideal time to suit all your occasions. All you have to do is pour coffee and sugar and enjoy your delicious coffee.

Turkish coffee machine Alízz, Red, 400 watts

Two double cups

It has two cups for making coffee in an innovative way so that you can pour coffee from both directions into both cups so that you can use them easily and comfortably in your left or right hand.

Turkish coffee machine Alízz, Red, 400 watts

Made of premium quality materials

This coffee machine is made of hygienic and heat-resistant ABS plastic and stainless steel to make your cup of coffee easily.

Turkish coffee machine Alízz, Red, 400 watts


It saves energy and electricity because it can make 8 cups of coffee at once easily and quickly allowing you to enjoy delicious coffee for yourself and your family.

Turkish coffee machine Alízz, Red, 400 watts


Item Description
Type Coffee machine
Material ABS and stainless steel
Brand name Alízz
Control digital
Capacity 1 - 4 cups
Power 400 watts
Power source electricity
Power engine 220 - 240 volts
Color Black and red


You can add the amount of water you want to make a cup of coffee, add the sugar and coffee, stir a little, then put the coffee-making cup in the machine, press the Start button, and once it’s done brewing the coffee, the machine will stop and notify you with a light and sound.

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